Sensitive Topics

This page exists to help warn people about content in this comic that may be triggering or upsetting. This page may contain general spoilers about the comic. The index below is always updated at least 6 weeks in advance. The list of sensitive themes will grow as the comic progresses. There's a lot of subjectivity in this process, so I will not perfectly encapsulate all potentially upsetting ideas on this page. I welcome feedback about how to manage this page and what to include on it.

Things that will not appear in this comic: uncensored nudity, graphic sex, graphic violence, gore, flashing images, mention of numbers related to weight and dieting.

General controversial themes that are discussed with open scrutiny throughout this comic: religion, social justice ideas, sexuality, landscaping and gardening, environmentalism, mental illness, anti-LGBT viewpoints, raising children.

This comic depicts several PTSD flashbacks from a car accident. All instances will be listed in advance, in the index below:

Index of Sensitive Themes:

PTSD Flashback: 30: Stitches, 58: Driving in the Rain
Panic attack: 30: Stitches, 31: Lily's PTSD, 58: Driving in the Rain

Anti-gay beliefs - 10: Discriminatory Beliefs, 61: The Spirit of the Law, 108: Lane Talks to Tyler
Discussion of fear of men - 15: Alone at Night, 16: Fear of Men, 17: Misogynistic Attitudes
Discussion of sexual assault - 17: Misogynistic Attitudes, 96: Spencer's Unpopular Opinion
Discussion of mental illness - 23: Trauma, 24: Mental Illness, 25: Depression, 26: Toxic Ideas 27: Medication, 28: Anorexia, 82: Moving Death Traps, 83: A Hard Thing, 84: Choosing Happiness, 105: Justin
Discussion of trauma and PTSD - 23: Trauma, 24: Mental Illness, 36: Kids Are People, 65: Obstacles, 82: Moving Death Traps, 83: A Hard Thing, 100: High School Nudity, 105: Justin
Discussion of depression - 25: Depression
Discussion of medication - 27: Medication
Discussion of death of a friend - 27: Medication, 28: Anorexia
Discussion of weight and eating disorders - 28: Anorexia
Discussion of controlling parenting - 35: Parenting, 36: Kids Are People
Discussion of romanticized abuse - 45: Fifty Shades of Grey
Discussion of menstruation - 51: Menstrual Synchrony
Discussion of positive thinking - 65: Obstacles, 84: Choosing Happiness
Discussion of transgender issues - 68: Bathroom Policing, 69: Gender, 70: Definitions, 71: Politically Correct
Discussion of transphobia - 71: Politically Correct
Discussion of political correctness - 71: Politically Correct, 72: Freedom of Speech
Discussion of abortion rights - 72: Freedom of Speech
Victim-blaming - 96: Spencer's Unpopular Opinion