72: Freedom of Speech   December 11th, 2020

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Simon: Some people say political correctness is opposed to freedom of speech. But no one is getting PROSECUTED by the GOVERNMENT for using offensive terms. People just DISAGREE with them. If you wanted freedom of speech, wouldn't you support that?
(One person says "I'm offended," another says "Stop taking away my rights!")
Lily: Yeah, it's not a government issue. But there ARE universities that shut down dialogue to favor PC ideologies.
Simon: Well, I'd kick someone out of class for spouting bigotry. You can say what you want, but you have to face the CONSEQUENCES. People will enact disciplinary measures when the situation calls for it.
Lily: But when are the consequences reasonable? When you get thrown in jail? Punched in the face? Marked down on an essay for pushing a right-wing idea?
(Someone has an essay titled "Fetuses Deserve to Live" and there's red ink that says "no they don't" and an F)
Lily: The government isn't the only entity that can suppress the free exchange of ideas.
Simon: True.