96: Spencer's Unpopular Opinion   November 4th, 2021

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(video of Spencer in an editing program) Spencer: We should think critically about sexual assault. If you're a woman and you get drunk alone at a bar, you're taking a lot of risks. Like would you leave your car unlocked and with the keys in the ignition, and expect no one to steal it? I wouldn't.
(Lily and angie talk about the video)
Lily: Wow, that sounds bad.
Angie: RIGHT?
Lily: I'll talk to Spencer.
(Spencer talks to Lily with a sock puppet that looks like him)
Spencer: Lily, meet my new friend, Sockser.
Sockser: Hi Lily! I've only heard bad things about you! I mean...
Spencer: Shit, that's your “Spencer totally screwed something up” face.