24: Mental Illness   January 10th, 2020

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Lily: The categorization of mental illness is a social construct that cuts and pastes the human condition into imperfect boxes.
Lane: ...A social construct based on LOADS of research and refinement, that helps people get treatment and confirm the REALness of their experiences.
Lily: Yeah, that too. But some people are relieved when they get a diagnosis, because they think "all these problems aren't my fault!" We all have factors that make our lives hard, and if they don't have an official label, it doesn't make them any less valid.
Lane: True, but mentally healthy people try to relate to this stuff and I'm like "you don't really understand how bad it is for ME."
Lily: Yeah, that happens to me sometimes. But just because I have PTSD, I don't automatically know how bad it is for everyone. Most people don't understand how hard it is for me to get in a car, though. I think everyone probably has at least ONE THING that most people don't understand how hard it is for them.
Simon: Yup.
Sasha: Yeah.
Lane: Maybe.