25: Depression   January 17th, 2020

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This page was partly inspired by this Tumblr comic that I'm a fan of.

I started a new webcomic, by which I mean I threw together some of the random comics I've been making, and called them Oops Sorry, and it's hosted on this Patreon page. I posted the latest one, Hazelnut Chocolate, on Reddit and it blew up! Over 50k points and among the top Reddit posts for a while. So that was interesting.

Although it's hosted on Patreon, I'm not putting much effort into asking for pledges on that page - I'd rather have more funding on the Don't Get Any Ideas patreon, where you can get rewards and the fees are lower.

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Lane: When I got diagnosed with depression, it wasn't a weight off my shoulders. It gave me SOME hope, but it was like confirmation that there WAS something wrong with me, and that I had to work at least twice as hard as everyone else just to prove I was capable. I'm doing better now, but I'm always afraid of letting people down or becoming a burden, and something in the back of my mind keeps saing "it's too late, you've already disappointed everyone you know."
(picture of a monster behind Lane saying that)
Lane: And I work so hard to compensate for it, that a lot of people have no IDEA what I'm going through.
Lane: Sorry, that was probably TMI considering I just met you two.
Lily: No, it's fine. I think that perspective is important.
Sasha: Yeah, I mean we were already talking about this stuff.
(the monster comes back)
Monster: They're just saying that. You made a bad first impression and they won't want to talk to you again.
Lane: YOU shut the HELL up!