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Sharing Content

You are encouraged to share full comic pages from this website on social media. Do not remove any of the credits at the bottom. A link back to the website would be appreciated, but it is not required.

If you crop a secton of a page to share on social media, make sure the url "" is part of the image, and include a link to the full comic page.

Profiting from Shared Content

You are not allowed to sell any merchandise with images or text from this website without permission, or hold content from this website behind a paywall. Sharing comic pages from Don't Get Any Ideas on a website that profits from ad revenue and/or crowdfunding* is okay, as long as the credits have not been removed, the majority of that website's content is not from Don't Get Any Ideas, and it is reasonably clear that the comics are not your own work.

*You are not allowed to receive crowdfunding directly in exchange for posting comics from Don't Get Any Ideas on a different website, or directly in exchange for posting re-shared content in general that includes comics from Don't Get Any Ideas.

Fan Works

You are encouraged to create fan works inspired by Don't Get Any Ideas and share those works freely, including on websites that profit from ad revenue. If you would like to obtain the rights to profit from your work in more ways, please contact me and I will likely give you permission.


When sharing comic pages from this website, you are allowed to modify the text if you are translating it into a different language. If you would like to create a website that hosts Don't Get Any Ideas in a different language, you are translating it yourself, and you would like to obtain the rights to profit from it, please contact me.

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