61: The Spirit of the Law   September 25th, 2020

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Tyler: The Bible tells us the same messages about sexual immorality in several places.
Lily: I put the most stock in what Jesus said himself, and he warned against getting caught up in the letter of the law.
Tyler: The law is important, though. He didn't say, "Adultery is okay now, so go and do whatever you want."
Lily: The SPIRIT of the law is important.
Tyler: But we have to glean the spirit of the law from what is written.
Lily: Yeah, and sometimes it's not clear, and we have to tread carefully with the best intentions and keep in mind that we might be wrong. It's so easy to accidentally use doctrine as a weapon.
Tyler: I know. AND it's easy to bend the doctrine to whatever ethics are popular at the time, whether or not they're RIGHT.
Lily: OR whatever ethics the church has been arbitrarily clinging to for CENTURIES.