10: Discriminatory Beliefs   October 4th, 2019

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Lily: People say discrinimatory beliefs are inherently hateful, but I don't think that's true. Like, my friend Tyler doesn't believe in gay marriage, but he doesn't hate anyone, it's just what he was taught at his Christian school. And he believes it because he CARES about people and doesn't want anyone to have an eternity of suffering.
Simon: It doesn't really matter what their motivations are. That belief hurts LGBT people, so it can be considered a hateful ideology even if they don't actually hate anyone.
Lily: But that might give someone the impression that people DO hate them. And if people don't hate you then why would it help you to believe they do? Wouldn't it just isolate you more?
Simon: If someone disrespected a fundamental element of who you were, would you really care whether they hated you or not?
Lily: Yeah, I would. You don't respect my religion, and I don't want YOU to hate me.
(Simon and Lily look at each other)
Simon: I don't.