1: Breakfast   August 2nd, 2019

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Welcome to the first page of Don't Get Any Ideas! To all of you who have followed me here from Think Before You Think or one of my other projects, to my friends who have been waiting with bated breath for this day (and my mom of course), thank you!

This comic will update once a week on Fridays. The update schedule and day may change in the future. See you next week!

Lily: Breakfast is a weird concept. Lunch and dinner are interchangeable, but we have a completely different set of foods deemed acceptable to eat before eleven in the morning. And most of them don't include vegetables. If you want a typical breakfast that's HEALTHY, you have two options: an omelet, or some kind of fruity oatmeal bowl. You want a salad? You have to put it in a blender and DRINK it! Why do we limit ourselves this way, as a society?
Simon: Maybe as an excuse to eat nothing but dessert for an entire meal.
Lily: I don't need an EXCUSE for that.