9: Religion, Violence, and Oppression   September 27th, 2019

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Lily: When it comes to gardening, it seems like God knows what he's doing.
Simon: That's not how I'D put it. I don't have a good impression of religion, with all the violence and oppression it has caused.
Lily: Oh. I think the problem is how governments and other systems of power have all historically been INTERTWINED with religion.
Simon: The Crusades, though?
Lily: Committed by humans oh BEHALF of religion. The core of faith is separate from that, in my mind. Jesus spoke out AGAINST violence. We humans have a tendency to corrupt institutions. It's awful that people have caused harm in the name of God, but I don't blame God for that. Like what if you were invisible and you told your friends to do good things, but they misunderstood and did bad things instead? Would you want people to hate you and abandon you because of it?
Simon: I mean, if I tried that once and it went terribly wrong, I'd just be like "nevermind, guys. Use your own judgment. You'll do better without my input."