81: Spencer's Tour   February 11th, 2021

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Spencer: Guys, you know how we talked about doing a national tour?
Lily: I thought you were just saying random stuff.
Spencer. I say a lot of stuff, but sometimes I mean it.
Angie: Let's DO it. This spring or summer? It's a good time to look into venues.
Spencer: Really? What do YOU think, Lily?
Lily: It's a great idea. I might not be able to come, but I?ll help plan it.
Spencer: Is it your thing about cars?
Lily: Yeah. Don't let me stop you. It?ll be good for you.
Spencer: What if we just fly everywhere?
Lily: It wouldn?t work. I can?t.
Spencer: Well, it'll be a huge drag without you, so don't worry about missing out.
(Lily looks away and she has tears in her eyes)