62: A Couple of Heretics   October 2nd, 2020

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Tyler: It's not arbitrary. Scholars who have been studying the historical context of the Bible all agree.
Lily: If I thought being a Christian meant I had to cling to traditional values about sexuality and gender, I would have stopped coming to church a long time ago.
Tyler: You can't BARGAIN with the Lord's moral authority like that.
Lily: I'm not bargaining. My understanding of the truth is colored by how I make sense of the world as WELL as the Bible. I'm doing my best to believe the right thing, just like we ALL are.
Tyler: Well, I hope your sincerity is rewarded.
Lily: Thanks.
Tyler: I'm always glad to see you here, Lily, even though you're a heretic.
Lily: Likewise, Tyler.
(they side-hug)