38: The Core of Faith   April 17th, 2020

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Simon: It's hard to believe you're still a Christian when you question so many things.
Lily: I constantly question my religion. Faith means not being sure of something but living like it's true anyway. If we had certainty, we wouldn't NEED faith.
Simon: Why do live like it's true if you're not sure?
Lily: Um... a lot of reasons. Traveling further down the road of belief in God leads me into states of mind that I don't know how to get to another way. Empowerment, freedom, and connection to the universe.
Simon: Huh. That's the OPPOSITE of how it seems to me. Like believing in God used to hold me BACK from that stuff.
Lily: In that case, I don't think the god you believed in was the real God.
Simon: That's like saying "there's no way you can dislike olives because the only REAL olives are the ones you like."
Lily: Yeah, but God isn't olives, he's the essence of everything good and true.