37: Primary Colors   April 10th, 2020

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I wrote a blog post about this a while ago. Here it is.

Lily: You know what bugs me? The way they teach primary colors in elementary school. They give kids the generic red, yellow, and blue. And the kids have to mix these awful color wheels with puke green and purple that looks like brown. And the poor kids are sitting there with their bright purple toys thinking, "why can't I make a purple that looks like this?" Only later they learn that the primary colors are ACTUALLY magenta, yellow, and cyan. But "red, yellow, and blue" is so ingrained into the cultural consciousness that we can't get rid of it. Whenever someone says "primary," those are the colors we're supposed to think of. It just shows that the stuff we teach kids when they're young is the stuff that shapes our whole society.
(a costume maker talks to Superman and his suit is cyan, magenta, and yellow. She says " You SAID you wanted primary colors." Superman says "Uh, yeah...")