20: Star Trek   December 13th, 2019

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Lily: Nice minimalist aesthetic, Simon.
Simon: I haven't gotten around to decorating yet. By which I mean, putting up my Star Trek posters.
Sasha: Star Trek? What's your favorite series?
Simon: The Next Generation.
Sasha: Mine too!
Lily: Are you going to tell him about your fan fiction?
Sasha: No.
Simon: What?
Sasha: It's not for normal people.
Lily: Um, excuse me, have you MET Simon?
Sasha: I mean it's about a thing and not everyone is into it. It revolves around a ship.
Simon: Not the USS Enterprise?
Lily: GhghHAha! She means a character ship.
Simon: Ohh.
Sasha: Worf and Picard.