19: People in Boxes   December 6th, 2019

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Lily: People have these boxes in their minds that everyone goes in. And if you doesn't fit into any of them, they end up rejecting your experience and trying to stuff you into one of the boxes anyway.
(3 boxes that say gay, straight, and bi)
Lily: If your whole life, you've been TOLD that these boxes are correct, it can be HARD to change your ideas enough to make NEW boxes, or adapt the boxes you already have.I've gone through that. I've dismissed people's experiences to make sense of the world, and later I realized how wrong that was.
Simon: I guess we've all done that at some point.
Lily: A good rule of thumb is that however many boxes you have, there will awlays be some people who don't quite fit into any of them, so leave some room in your mind for those people too.
(3 boxes : Star Trek fans, people who don't like sci fi, ?)