101: Lily's Dream   December 9th, 2021

I have some news today, and I know many of you will be disappointed: I'm going to stop making Don't Get Any Ideas after this year. It will run until March 10th, and then I will abandon it. I wasn't planning to end it this soon, so it won't have a nice wrapped-up conclusion, it will just come to a somewhat abrupt stop. There were stories in it that I planned to tell and I never got to. But I don't feel inspired to make it anymore, and I think stopping it will free up my time and energy for other creative outlets.

I'm glad I started this comic because it was an important stepping stone in improving my comic-writing skills and my ability to use comics to convey information so that I could transition into creating info comics. I plan to start other types of comic projects in the future too, but I don't know what they'll be yet.

Thanks for walking this road with me, everyone. I appreciate all of your support and enthusiasm! And you can still look forward to the next 3 months of Don't Get Any Ideas. I am working on getting the last few pages done.

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Lily: I dreamed I forgot to get dressed and I was riding to work completely naked.
Simon: Was I there?
Lily: Yeah. You didn't seem to notice.
Simon: Well, I'm asexual. Without the arousal response, I have no way of noticing the absence of clothes. I'm kidding. I probably noticed, I just didn't want to embarrass you.
Lily: Oh, so you'd rather let me arrive at my job where... ...much stranger things have happened than someone showing up in the buff.
(Spencer is wearing a diaper and tries to hand one to Lily)
Lily: But I wish you had said something before we got to the center of town.
Simon: Sorry. I'll try to do better.