93: Other People's Feelings   October 14th, 2021

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Simon: I think you can make someone cry. They say “you can't hurt anyone emotionally because we're all in charge of our own reactions” and that's bullshit.
Lily: I agree. It's easy to justify treating people like garbage with that mentality. There's a balance between "I don't care about your feelings" and "I'll do anything to keep you from being sad!"
Sasha: This is why I had to get out of my parents' house. They act like I’m responsible for keeping them happy, and if I do something they don't approve of, I'm being CRUEL to them. Like... wearing leggings.
Simon: Your parents dislike you wearing leggings?
Sasha: Yeah. They say they're indecent and I should have more self-respect.
Lily: Funny how "SELF-respect" often involves denying your own wishes and caving to what other people want.