79: Freedom in Education   January 28th, 2021

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Simon: So you think school shouldn't be required?
Lily: It's complicated. My mom always said I could leave school if I wanted, and she'd homeschool me. But not every family is set up to deal with that. I CHOSE school. So I wanted to hold my teachers accountable for making it a good experience.
(Students are watching Spongebob in a classroom, Lily says "Hey, I'm trying to get an EDUCATION here!" )
Lily: Some people are so used to school being forced on them, even in COLLEGE when they're PAYING for it, they'll let their teachers slack off and they'll be HAPPY about it.
(A teacher says "No class for the rest of the semester." Students say "WOOHOO!")
Lily: Some amount of freedom is integral to motivation, because if you feel no agency in your life, why would you try very hard to do ANYTHING?