76: Sasha's Interview   January 7th, 2021

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Simon: I think criticism can help people, if it's constructive and encouraging. It's part of my job.
Sasha: Hey Simon. I have a favor to ask, and I'll try not to insult your intelligence.
Simon: Yeah?
Carl: Sasha.
Sasha: Can I borrow your car tomorrow? I have an interview at a daycare center.
Simon: Sure! I hope it goes well.
Sasha: Thanks. Based on my track record, I'm not counting on it.
Simon: You have solid experience with childcare, right?
Sasha: With like, one or two kids at a time. Not sure how I'd handle fourteen of them at once. I'd probably end up tied to a chair with jump ropes.
(Carl is climbing on Sasha and has his hand on her face)