44: Sexual Tension   May 29th, 2020

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Lily: Simon, did you read Sasha's Star Trek fanfic?
Simon: Yeah. You're right, it IS good.
Sasha: Hey, don't put him on the spot. Now he HAS to say he liked it.
Simon: Sasha, I think we've established that insults are on the table.
Sasha: I didn't MEAN to call you an idiot!
Simon: Anyway, the tension is GREAT. Picard and Worf are trying SO HARD to remain poised and professional.
(scene with Worf and Picard, Worf says "Captain, this chemical is not dangerous. It just... dissolves clothing." Worf's uniform is dissolving)
Simon: You're a good writer, Sasha. I bet you could write a novel that sells.
Lily: That's what I keep saying.
Sasha: Or I could change all the names and settings in my fanfic. I'll call it "Twenty Shades of Loophole Plagiarism."