41: Love   May 8th, 2020

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Simon: The word LOVE encompasses so many things, it's hard to COMMUNICATE with it. Like on TV, telling a partner you love them is a pivotal moment that could either strengthen or destroy the relationship. But what if they have different ideas of what love is? Maybe to one person it's a strong attraction, and to the other it's a lifetime commitment.
Lily: The problem is, people use ONE WORD to gauge whether they're on the same page about their relationship. When I say I love someone, I don't CARE whether we mean the same thing. It's not about communicating - it's about emphasizing the value of our connection.
Simon: That's a nice way to think about it. Although some people say "I love you" and they mean "I won't stop chasing you until you're locked in the cage in my basement."
Lily: Yeeaaah.