34: Fallen Leaves   March 20th, 2020

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Sasha: I'm not making much progress with the leaves, but at least Carl is entertained.
Simon: You don't have to REMOVE the leaves. You can mow over them, leave a layer to fertilize the lawn, and use the rest to mulch the garden beds.
Sasha: Really? I was always taught to rake before mowing.
Simon: That's what they say. It makes it easier to collect all the leaves and grass clippings, so you can deprive your yard's soil of nutrients, so you'll think you need to generously apply lawn fertizer, which runs into waterways and contributes to the decline in aquatic life, while your leaves rot in a landfill emitting greenhouse gases.
Sasha: I'm starting to get why you think lawns are evil.
Simon: I never SAID that.