13: Looking for Work   October 25th, 2019

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Sasha: I maintain the property so I can get a discount on rent. Otherwise I couldn't afford to live here on babysitting money. I'm looking for a job too.
Simon: What kind of job?
Sasha: I don't know. I'm not really qualified for anything.
Simon: I doubt that's true. There are positions that practically anyone could fill.
Sasha: PRACTICALLY anyone. Guess who the exception is? Besides, I can't afford a car right now, and the there aren't a lot of openings in Rockbottom.
Simon: You could borrow MY car for a while. I hardly ever use it.
Sasha: You literally JUST met me and you're offering your car?
Simon: Well, I already know where you live.
Sasha: I could be a con artist who's just pretending to be broke until some idiot lets me steal his car.
Simon: I offer to lend you my car and you respond by calling me an idiot?
Sasha: Not what I meant, sorry.