2: Gross Things   August 9th, 2019

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Simon: Speaking of food norms, it's odd that insects aren't a common part of the Western diet. They're a food staple in practically every other culture. They're nutritious, abundant, and sustainable.
Lily: I know! I read an article the other day that was like "The FDA allows a small number of insects to be pureed into processed foods!!" As if it was supposed to freak us out. Like, would you rather eat pesticides or organic bits of protein? A lot of the things we think of as "gross" are just cultural biases. Take feet, for instance.
(Lily is riding a bicycle with bare feet)
Lily: People think feet are inherently smelly, but they're not. They just get that way when they've been cooped up in SHOES all day, festering in their own juices. You're a scientist, I'm sure you know this stuff.
Simon: Science TEACHER. Yeah, it makes sense. But SHOES are a great invention that can protect one's toes from bike-related injuries.
Lily: You don't have to defend your smelly feet, Simon. I'm not judging you.