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  25: Depression  January 17th, 2020

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This page was partly inspired by this Tumblr comic that I'm a fan of.

I started a new webcomic, by which I mean I threw together some of the random comics I've been making, and called them Oops Sorry, and it's hosted on this Patreon page. I posted the latest one, Hazelnut Chocolate, on Reddit and it blew up! Over 50k points and among the top Reddit posts for a while. So that was interesting.

Although it's hosted on Patreon, I'm not putting much effort into asking for pledges on that page - I'd rather have more funding on the Don't Get Any Ideas patreon, where you can get rewards and the fees are lower.

In other news, Don't Get Any Ideas is continuously getting high-quality traffic from, thanks to you guys who keep voting for it! The vote link is now in the menu (top right), and you can click here to vote up to once a day. I just changed the vote incentive to a parody comic and you'll see it after you vote. Thanks so much!

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